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Something about Us, Trendy Monks!

Thanks to the Internet, where virtually jab we met,

Our Ideas Plans Beliefs laid the foundation on which “Trendy Monks” was born.

Who We Are

Confused with the title ? Come listen to the folklore straight from the mouth of Monks, Trendy Monks is a clothing and accessories brand, born on 15 Aug 2016 (Including 24 months of sleep work mode in my master’s brain) Trendy Monks carry some gamer genes, these genes passed from bunch of gamers born and brought up in different places, who once met each other through an online gaming app, while playing the game their minds collide and hearts too, they exchange their likes dislikes, Interests, beliefs, and future plans, after that conversation this virtual collision is converted into virtual reality and gave origin to Trendy Monks.

So, the parents of Trendy Monks are ridiculously awesome folk, we mean “US” (PLEASE!! Spare us for lil self-obsession BLINK BLINK), we incorporate desi humor with a bit of sophistication in clothing, accessories, and everything which comes in our way, and you know what? the outcome is always AWESOME & EPIC

Now if you are thinking why we have named it Trendy Monks not anything related to gaming, then it’s not your fault everyone asks the same. (But shhhhhh!!! you are the only one who knows the truth ) Basically, the reason behind to name the company Trendy Monks is our vision to give you every day a new trend, a product through which you can relate your day to day life and somewhat see yourselves in our designs, stuff, and content, moreover we believe there is a monk a pure soul inside every one, which push us towards happiness, so the monk inside us wants to cheer the monk inside make you stay happy and funny though our fun stuffs.

The thing which makes us different is our connection which is virtual still it feels real, because we have never met each other, Still we are connected with strange bond, and we always think this connection can also be set between YOU and US, we just need a carrier in between, hence we create amazing kindaa stuff for you, to carry this love and to make our bond stronger. We are one-stop destination for all your needs, we have an exclusive assemblage of T-shirts, Mobile covers, Mugs, and other accessories which are designed crazily for you. Our designs have some hidden logic and humor, which makes them stand out from the ordinary, sometimes you can also feel nostalgic or maybe someday you feel crazily out of your mind after wearing our clothes, it may be possible other day you either feel kewl or nerd. We have something in our store for your every emotion and for every occasion.

So, what are you waiting for, stay in TREND and raise the MONK inside you.