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We will help you to inhale the possibility, possibility to show your creativity to the world, Trendy Monks has designed a portal for the unknown superheroes who breathe art. We in this section of our website show up the great work of the artists from around the globe, so when you have an option to sell and earn directly through Trendy Monks there is no need to look for third party vendors. All you have to do is email us your design or register to our website and follow the procedure for submission.

Kids Art : Kids are the most innocent soul created by God, we at Trendy Monks are encouraging kids with innocent vision and hidden art to show their artwork on our platform. Now young artist under 18 can also make money from our website by selling their artwork.

Eligibility criteria: No, you are not restricted to 18 this time

Only certain type of art is eligible for display including Oil paint, sketch, doodle, scribble, original paintings, watercolor, two-dimensional mixed media, photography, and prints.

Once you submit your design it will pass through our selection criteria, we strictly oppose artwork which includes any form of plagiarism, nudity, violence, profanity and religious violence.

Follow the below steps to show your art

  1. Submit your art : Upload your design with the catchy title and describe your artwork in brief, add pricing details and submit it.
  2. Review : Our team will review your design in 24 hrs., and get back to you via email, make sure your design is original
  3. Make Money : Once your design is approved, we will display your artwork on our portal, if your art gets sold, we will pay you royalty.

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